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Introducing all-Brace

Fast & Effective Garage Door Rail Repair

all-Brace permanently repairs and strengthens panel rails affected by localized damage. Our customers LOVE these things!

A Solution You've
Never Seen Before

(But Have Always Wanted & Needed)

Most garage door repair companies either turn away business or pass on high costs to their customers because our solution hasn't existed

all-Brace helps you to fix your customers' doors quickly and affordably so they can be very happy and you can earn more money.

No More Doomed Doors

Dents, Bends & Cracks Are No Match

all-Brace stops further damage and pushes the dent back out flush while permanently making the localized damage location the strongest part of the whole door!

This means we no longer need to replace the panel or add cumbersome and heavy struts to the back of the door to resolve localized panel rail damage

Zero to Fixed in
Under A Minute

This type of reinforcement is virtually invisible to the customer and is the perfect alternative to a panel replacement

all-Brace permanently transforms the weakest section of a door into the the strongest in less than 60 seconds

Having all-Brace In Stock Will Earn You More Money

Raise your hand if you've been this person before:
You explain to your customer their door needs to be replaced but they don't want to (or can't) afford a new door. all-Brace helps you to avoid situations like these:

Your Customer Experiences Sticker Shock
Your Customer Tells You They Need To Get More Estimates
You Wasted your Time By Not Having A Workable Solution Right Then
You Have Helped your Competition By Diagnosing What They Will End Up Selling
Your Customer Is Frustrated With You / Your Company
You Lose Money That Would Have Been Easily Acquired with allBrace

Real World Experience

A lot like yourselves, we have shown industry dedication with years of in-the-field experience repairing garage doors, in our case around 25 years, and have served thousands upon thousands of customers

After many years of helping every type of customer we recognized that many of them could not afford to replace their garage door over localized damage

all-Brace was developed over several years while helping our customers in the field. We found that most customers wanted a better solution than panel or door replacement for localized damage. all-Brace is the answer


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Fix Doors

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all-Brace TG-5

5" Model
4.2 oz
Repairs Mild - Medium Damage
30 Year Warranty
Suggested Retail $59.99

Need Some Help? Contact Us.

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all-Brace TG-7

7" Model
5.9 oz
Repairs Mild - Extreme Damage
30 Year Warranty
Suggested Retail $69.99

Need Some Help? Contact Us.

all-Brace Is The Answer You've Always Wanted & Needed!

Installs In Seconds
No Need To Adjust Springs
Stops Further Damage
Customers Love all-Brace
Drillable & Tappable
Easy To Earn More Money
Fits In One Hand
As Light As A Roller
Repairs Permanently
Easily Fits In Your Tool Bag
Fits Tongue & Groove
Provides More Solutions
Supports 100+ lbs
Repairs Any Width Section
And More!

Size and Weight

all-Brace TG-5

5 inches (127 mm)

4.2 ounces (0.26 lbs)

all-Brace TG-7

7 inches (177.8 mm)

5.9 ounces (0.37 lbs)
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What Are My Options?

Option #1
You could do nothing and continue to risk turning away business by not having the benefits that all-Brace provides

Option #2
You could frustrate your customers by only offering the most expensive solutions our industry has historically offered.

Option #3
You could order the all-Brace and save more doors so you can earn more money

Interested in saving money?
Ask about our subscription plans!

With all-Brace You Will

Fix Doors

Become An
Overnight Hero

Earn More

We are committed to providing the strongest best-designed products for garage door technicians and intend to continue with any improvements deemed useful, always keeping our ears open to our customer input

Keeping American Jobs

all-Brace was designed and produced in the USA and we will always support our fellow American workers by keeping production here at home